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There are no rules any more.

As a comic book loving kid in the 80s, I frequented the one newsstand in my town where my three choices were Marvel, DC, or Archie. When I began going to comic book shops, my world expanded exponentially to self-published, independent, alternative, underground, art, European, and Japanese comics, plus reprints of classic strips and comics spelled c-o-m-i-x. It was a lot to process as an aspiring, self-taught cartoonist. 

In the 90s, I studied graphic design as publishing entered the digital age. In the wake of the desktop publishing revolution, before the internet's ubiquitous rise, magazine design went weird. Art directors were given computers, software, and little-to-no training with those new tools. 

Supermag documents my exploration of the vast, endless comics landscape and reflects my interest in printed matter and the narrative collapse. 

AdHouse Books published two version of Supermag in 2013. 


Standard Edition:
56 4C pages
8.5 x 11 in., softcover
ISBN 978-1-935233-22-0

Limited European Edition:

Library bound edition inspired by European album format and wrapped in a dust jacket featuring all-new artwork (first image, below).
Edition: 33 S&N plate & dustjacket

Funding for the writing, drawing, and design of Supermag was provided by Investing in Professional Artists: The Pittsburgh-Region Artists Grants Program, a partnership of The Heinz Endowments and The Pittsburgh Foundation.

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