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Street Angel's Dog
Meet Street Angel's new BFF on 
FREE Comic Book Day

What happens when the deadliest girl alive meets man's best friend? Jesse "Street Angel" Sanchez and her new dog pal go on a rampage... of fun! They play dress-up, skateboard, fight ninjas, skateboard, fight monsters, race robot cars to the death, fight bullies, and teach each other the value of family. It's Jesse's fourth best day ever! Unfortunately, even fourth best days ever must end. Don't worry - the dog lives.

Story/Art/Cover: Jim Rugg

Story: Brian Maruca

May 5, 2018


Street Angel's Dog will be available for FREE in comic shops everywhere! Image Comics teams up with comic book stores every year to celebrate comics and to show off their best new comics as part of Free Comic Book Day! In 2018, Image Comics will offer Street Angel's Dog to readers for FREE! 

Go to a comic book shop on Saturday, May 5th to get your copy of Street Angel's Dog!

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