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Silhouette zine

SILHOUETTE zine is an essay about comic book panels that feature a silhouette.​ It's composed of found text and images that explain and exemplify the silhouette panel. Using all found panels, new narratives are composed and patterns discovered.  

To create this zine, I spent months carefully going through thousands of comic books in an effort to gather examples of silhouette panels. I came away from this project with a renewed respect for Alex Toth comics. Jack Kirby used very few silhouettes.

For several months after making this zine, I saw silhouettes everwhere I looked - movies, tv, books, advertising, Oly Moss' art show! 

SILHOUETTE zine was created for Community Supported Art (CSA PGH), an arts program in Pittsburgh that commissions artists to produce editionable works that are grouped and sold to the public as CSA PGH shares. 


Co-curated with Jasen Lex

6 5/8 x 10 1/4 in.

Cover: Laser cut black paper

Interior: 44 color pages

Edition: 100


The zine was packaged in a mylar comic book sleeve sleeve with an Index and an original Jim Rugg ink drawing of a silhouette on a comic book backing board. 

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