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In 2020, I crowdfunded Octobriana 1976, the world's 1st blacklight comic book.


In 1971, the west learned about Octobriana - the outlaw Russian superhero comic. To show solidarity, underground American cartoonists made their own Octobriana comic book. Robot Stalin’s got a new doomsday bomb! Can the Devil-Woman stop him before he destroys us all? Siberian labor camps, PPP secret orgies, motorcycle gunship train chases - this one has it all! Samizdat gone wild - a cross between 70s psychedelia and Soviet constructivism!?! You’ve NEVER seen a comic book that looks like this! Revolution forever, bitch.


This PDF is a record of the experience. It covers every step of the creative process - writing, script, layouts, design, tools, drawing, color as well as production, printing, and shipping. It's part scrap book, journal, Artist Edition, director commentary, How to Make Comics the Jim Rugg Way, photo album, sketch book! 


If you are curious about how the Octobriana 1976 comic book was made, this is for you. It includes scans of all of the art that was created for this comic book. 


348 pages

Octobriana 1976 PROCESS zine digital file

  • PDF, 348 pages

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