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"...thoroughly entertaining and utterly nutso pastiche of several eras of late-20th century comics genres and the superbad blaxploitation heroic archetype. The titular hero is a '70s-era bad brutha-man archetype writ hilariously large and depicted in adventures that cross multiple perfectly evoked comics styles (the art's a knockout). Afrodisiac's all-over-the-place exploits provide a frantic cornucopia overflowing with legions of foxy white ladies driven to states of unabashed lubricity by our hero's melanin-rich manliness; space aliens and flying saucers; dinosaurs; funny animals; Richard Nixon; kung fu; Hercules; giant monsters; Dracula; and damn near everything else that made '70s schlock entertainment among the most fun stuff ever concocted by the mind of man. Loads of fun from start to finish, this book's one flaw is that its satirical points may be lost on those not well versed in blaxploitation in particular and '70s trash culture in general, but the disorientation born from such unfamiliarity may end up working in its favor, allowing the novice to perceive it as some malt liquor-fueled, somewhat underground-flavored throwback."

-- Publishers Weekly


Awards and nominations:


2010 AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers

2010 Eisner Award nomination for Best Humor Publication 

2010 iFanboy Book of the Year

2011 Glyph Awards nominations for Story of the Year, Best Writer, Best Artist, Best Male Character, Best Cover


AdHouse Books

96 pages


6 x 9 inches

Afrodisiac Hardcover graphic novel

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