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Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream
Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream

Art Director | Cover | Contributor: Jim Rugg

The concept of Windsor McCay's Little Nemo in Slumberland is the hero, a young boy named Nemo, falls asleep in the first panel and wakes up in the last panel. In between readers follow Nemo through his dreams and nightmares. The perfect concept for a comic in 1914 and 2014. 

In Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, over 100 of today's best cartoonists pay tribute to comics' greatest innovator, Winsor McCay, in one giant book. In this 144-page, 16" x 21" hardcover, they've dreamed up new Little Nemo in Slumberland strips, following their own voices down paths lit by McCay. 

A new, visually and emotionally adventurous dream on each page takes you inside the artist's mind as much as Nemo's.

This is a love song for Winsor McCay, Little Nemo, and the infinite possibility of comics.

It was a dream come true when

Locust Moon Press contacted me to design 

Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream. 

Winner of two EISNER AWARDS for Best Anthology and Best Publication Design, and the HARVEY AWARD for Excellence in Presentation.

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