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Street Angel, the deadliest girl alive

Street Angel, aka Jesse Sanchez, aka Shiraz Thunderbird, is a homeless ninja on a skateboard and the deadliest girl alive. We don’t know where she came from, how she learned to fight, or if she’s even human. She possesses powers that help her escape traps, scale walls, pick locks and every other cool thing we wished we could do at that age. Street Angel is an urban legend, a mystery...the stuff of which comic books are made. Ninja.

The perfect gift for any rad girl (or boy) in your life.

Street Angel adventures are available now in a full-color, oversized graphic novel series from Image Comics!

You can find Street Angel graphic novels at comic book stores, book stores, Amazon, libraries, Comixology...

"Street Angel is a rare gem in the male-dominated world of comic book characters. When you finally find a comic book hero that is female, skateboards, and kicks ass, that's when you know young girls out there now have a strong super hero to follow. STREET ANGEL shows girls that they can be anything they want to be, including someone who saves the world and fights injustices, one bad guy at a time. She also defies female stereotypes right and left, and that is pretty darn cool."


— Cindy Whitehead 

(Girl Is Not a 4 Letter Word, It's Not About Pretty)

Street Angel's Dog
Street Angel: After School Kung Fu Special
The Street Angel Gang
Street Angel: Super Hero for a Day
Street Angel Goes to Juvie
Street Angel: The Princess of Poverty

What happens when the deadliest girl alive meets man's best friend? Jesse "Street Angel" Sanchez and her new dog pal go on a rampage... of fun! They play dress-up, skateboard, fight ninjas, skateboard, fight monsters, race robot cars to the death, fight bullies, and teach each other the value of family. It's Jesse's fourth best day ever! Unfortunately, even fourth best days ever must end. Don't worry - the dog lives.

Jesse knows the pressures of being the girl who always saves the day and she’s okay with it. It’s just who she is. But when she and her friends stumble across a powerful alien artifact - they soon realize that being a superhero isn’t all fun and games. 

Is this an alien plot to destroy their friendship or will Jesse hock the artifact for a couple of hot dogs?

Jesse “Street Angel” Sanchez takes the Ninja Kid to school! Her fists are the facts and his face is the report card! Don't miss this very special After School Kung Fu, er, uh...Special?

Meanwhile, Saturday night's the big dance and Jesse doesn't want to go! Is love in the air? No.

What if Kal El had been found by the Warriors instead of the Kents? The deadliest girl alive accidentally joins a super violent street gang. Are the Bleeders the family Jesse never had, or is Jesse the child they never wanted? What?


Free snacks at the gang tryout party! Also, SCANDAL— - one of the Bleeders is a spy!

"All I wanna do is see Street Angel punch people, forever."

— Eleanor Davis

(Libby's Dad, You & A Bike & the Road, Why Art?)

"Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca’s STREET ANGEL stars my favorite comic-book hero of the 21st century, and features some of the coolest artwork I’ve ever seen."

— Brian K. Vaughan

(Saga, Paper Girls)

"Street Angel remains as charming, inventive and pitch-perfect as it was in the beginning. An indie-comics classic!"

— Hope Larson

(Batgirl, Compass South, Goldie Vance)

"Jesse Sanchez is my new favorite comic book character.

Great middle school dialogue and the battle scenes will blow your mind!"

— Jeff Smith

(Bone, RASL, Tuki)

Busted! Jesse ‘Street Angel’ Sanchez, aka Shiraz Thunderbird, gets pinched and must do a stretch in Angel City’s infamous juvenile corrections center, Alcatraz, Jr. For the Deadliest Girl Alive, 3 squares a day and a warm, dry bed ain’t all bad. Jesse meets a girl gang, besties a superhero sidekick, pushes the lunch lady to the limit, and watches Harriet the Spy! Will juvie break our hero or will “Shiraz Thunderbird” break OUT of Alcatraz, Jr.?

"Whether read as a mindless diversion or a satire of same,

Street Angel never wavers in its task of telling a good (and in this case, funny) story..."

— The Comics Journal

Harry Potter, Bruce Wayne, Annie, and Oliver Twist can go #&©% themselves! There's a new orphan badass in town. Homeless teenager, Jesse "Street Angel" Sanchez cuts school and uses her skateboard and kung-fu action to fight ninja gangbangers, mad scientists, cops, time-traveling pirates, J-horror cliches, an evil version of her future self, ancient gods, rednecks, hunger...In America's urban wasteland, the Princess of Poverty defends the destitute downtrodden, and defenseless with a skateboard and kung fu skillz.


Funny, violent, irreverent — everything you love in comic books.


— Punk Planet

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