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Cold Heat Special 4
Cold Heat Special 4

"This time around we have a 16-page tabloid newspaper comic book filled with further far out fables featuring Cassandra -- aka Castle -- cavorting with chaos.  Santoro and Rugg employ the large (22" x 17", when opened) "canvas" of the tabloid format to excellent effect, creating a feast for the eyes with finely rendered dramatic imagery that ranges from psychedlicized fast food bathroom interiors to landscapes of the rolling hills of (what appears to be) western PA, all in the service of a tale of temporal displacement that demonstrates that the past is still here, all around us, and that travelling through time is a simple matter of opening a door or two.  There may be some side effects, however..."

-- The Copacetic Comics Company

Story/Art: Jim Rugg
Story: Frank Santoro
2008, PictureBox

16 pages, B&W, newsprint

11.5" x 16"

Screenprint of Castle, Cold Heat's protagonist

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