Excerpts from the Archives of Bill Boichel 1976 - 1994 zine

Bill Boichel is the founder of Copacetic Comics - one of the best comic book stores ever. 


Boichel began selling comics in the 1970s while still in high school, at the dawn of the Direct Market distribution system.  

Since the 1970s, Boichel has owned and operated several comics-centric enterprises - before Copacetic there was Asgard Books, followed by BEM - that primarily engaged in the selling of comic books, bu also included organizing comic book conventions and creating and publishing zines and comics; in the process, he encouraged countless comic book fans and artists in Pittsburgh and beyond.

This zine is composed of excerpts from Bill Boichel's history as a comic book dealer, entrepreneur, and maven. 

You can see more of Boichel's work at copaceticcomics.com.


This zine was designed and printed in one night between 1-5 a.m. at a 24 hour copy shop.

It was created without a computer. Instead I used a typewriter, photocopier, X-Acto knife, metal ruler, stapler, pencil, pens, markers, glue, and tape to approximate tools and techniques that Bill Boichel used in the creation of the original ads, fliers, letters, diagrams, artwork, and comics. 



This zine was created for Pulp Atlas in an edition of 24.

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